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Why Join Forever Foundation?

Program Benefits

  • Skilled Trainers

  • Engaged Volunteers

  • Increased Adoptions

  • On Demand Resources & Support

60 Day Challenges

Engage your team to participate in challenges at their own pace or along with members of other organizations across the country.

Forever Foundation runs 60 Day Training Challenges that lead participants through a progression of ground or riding training.


Both participants and organizations are eligible to win prizes. Plus, you can share your work and see what others are up to through the Forever Foundation social feed!

In this video, see what Calista and Buc-ee accomplished during a 60 Day Ground Challenge.

Training for Trainers

Forever Foundation focuses on growing trainers at all levels and providing resources to advance volunteer teams to help with daily activities, so trainers have more time to help more horses.

Hear what the trainers at Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Maryland have to say about the Forever Foundation program.

Prepared for Adoption

When more members of your team contribute to the training of equines, that means they're more prepared for different types of handlers and ultimately better prepared for adoption - even if they're companion only!

Check out the ground training Holland received from a Days End Farm Horse Rescue volunteer in the 2021 Adoption Showcase.

Sound Equine Options

Learn how Forever Foundation helps Sound Equine Options in Oregon achieve their training, volunteer, and adoption goals.

Join Forever Foundation

The Forever Foundation program offers in-person and online training resources to equine rescues. The program is offered free of charge to equine rescues, thanks to sponsorship from the Humane Society of the United States.

Learn more about the history and mission of Forever Foundation.

Ready to join?



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